The aesthetic qualities of wallpaper and wallcoverings change and set whatever visual appearance you want to achieve in your home or business. At Harrisburg Wall & Flooring, we have a large selection of wall paper and wallcovering sample books. These stylish products take you beyond decorating; they work hard to make the most of a room’s strong points while minimizing defects or weaker features. When done right, consider all that wallpaper will accomplish:

• Reveal your personality
• Brighten a naturally dark room
• Add character and warmth
• Accentuate a room’s best features
• Create the illusion of added length or height

Wallpaper is economical and easy to install. Young children and teens love picking out a themed pattern such as Disney or NASCAR for their bedroom. Specialty prints or textured wallpaper infuse your dining room with sophistication and elegance. A rainbow of brilliant colors and designs are a simple way to give your kitchen and bath a decorator’s touch. Need more? Borders, paintable wallcoverings, wall and door murals, illusions, and photo door/wallcoverings are available to complete the project. Stop in Harrisburg Wall & Flooring to see the wallpaper designs and samples in our showroom or browse through wallpaper books from such brands as Blue Mountain Wallcoverings, Imperial, Brewster, Washington Wallcoverings, and York Wallcoverings, among others.